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Finding Beauty in

Everyday Materials

[Design Thinking + Cardboard Prototyping]

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Bartholomew T (a.k.a. Bart) is an internationally recognized artist based in Singapore. Carving out his own path as the only full-time cardboard sculptor in Singapore, Bart’s cardboard repertoire now includes F1 cars, Apollo moon lander, dinosaurs, bear head dome (#MakerBear), fire engine and various furniture. He runs numerous workshops for the public and schools around the world: USA (New York and San Francisco), China (Shanghai, ShenZhen, DongGuan, Taiwan Taipei, Kaohsiung, Pingtung), Middle-east (Dubai), Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru), and counting.

Originally a graduate from NUS business school, Bart discovered his creative side while designing corporate exhibitions in his line of work. Today, he is best known for experimenting with unconventional materials and his larger-than-life cardboard sculptures. 

As an artist, Bart believes in cooperation, collaboration, and innovation. He sees his cardboard sculptures not just as installations, but as invitations for audiences to participate in the process of creation.

He is the inventor of #Blokies (since 2001) - a cardboard building system for life-size prototype.

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#Blokies Building Blocks

Created and developed by Bartholomew since early '2000. The cardboard building blocks, also known as "Blokies", can be interlocked to form large and complex creations!

Using 3 different sized Blokies (50cm, 25c, 12cm) to learn spatial visualization, mathematics and computational thinking by building life-size structures to solve a real-life problem, including building your very own learning space or playground!

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