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Hospital space mockup with cardboard #Blokies

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I designed Blokies in the year 2001 as a simple system to connect the pieces easily without any additional material. After a decade in the year 2012, I invested the profit from one of my projects to produce a small batch (1000 sets) of Blokies and put it out for the public to experiment in Yishun Bottle-tree Park (Now renamed to Orto Kampung Kampus).

Never did I imagined it could be put in practical use for hospital space mock-up exercise. So far we have done two hospital space mock-up, namely Sengkang Hospital (in year 2014) and Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Hospital (in year 2016). We simulated the medical equipment with Blokies following their approximated dimensions to help stack holders (e.g. doctors/ nurses/ architects/ social workers/ UX Designers/ Executives/ Ex-patients) visualize their future hospital space.

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