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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Over the years, I have designed many mini sculptures that complement the life-size works. Some of them include the F1 car, robot, lion coinbank, truck, unicorn, T-rex, boat, Apollo moonlander, and more coinbanks. The first one being the F1 car which we produced about 20,000 sets for SingaporeGP around 2014. The latest one (in the year 2020) is a fully-printed Minecraft character Steve for Microsoft Singapore. We exported the unicorn and T-rex to China and Taiwan and even America. On a personal level, I like the natural colour of the cardboard that the participants could paint or doodle on them after they assemble the mini sculptures. Below are some of the instruction videos I have made to help the participants that I have never met. Let's continue to design more of the MINI in time to come!

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